Absence & Attendance Management

You can manage employee’s attendance easily. All of data can be imported automatically from fingerprint scanner machine. Leaving or permission application can be processed easily through dashboard. Also, you can get a summary of attendance for a variety of needs, including payroll.

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Mobile Attendance Application

Employee can confirm their attendance with smartphone. This means, employee no longer have to wait and queue when they want to confirm their attendance at office.

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Integration with Fingerprint Scanners

KaryaONE’s system can be integrated with fingerprint scanner, therefore the absence process will be more quick and accurate. HR departments no longer need to manually filling all of employee’s absence.

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Field Reporting

Monitor the mobility of your employees through the application installed on their smartphones. Employees can submit information on their whereabouts, including location information and photographic evidence.

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Multi Shifts

KaryaONE allows you to create a shift in accordance with the operating hours of your company. You can specify office hours by day, break time (include duration) or working schedule.

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Offline Attendance

This feature allows employees to make attendance from a smartphone without internet access. When taking offline attendance, employees will be asked for selfies that detect faces.

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Sophisticated Dashboard

KaryaONE Dashboard provides a summary of important information that you can follow up or use for analysis.

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Employee Database and Query

KaryaONE has complete and dynamic employee’s information feature. This feature helps you to look after employee’s informations easily and quickly.

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Data Migration

KaryaONE helps you to importing spreadsheet data into system. KaryaONE provides template to upload your employee’s data and information.

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KaryaONE provides a range of reports that you can see from dashboard and employee profile pages. You can download all of reports from the system includes attendance, leave, permission and payroll.

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Contract Management

Contracts can be managed easily. The system will provide notifications through the dashboard and email if there is a contract that will expire. Contracts can be updated easily with templates provided through the application.

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Letter or Announcement Management

This feature allows you to communicate and send information to employees easily by name, department, division and so on.

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Event & Holidays Management

Help you manage event, holidays and joint-holidays, overtime and leave quota during holidays.

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Organization Structure

KaryaONE has a feature where you can arrange the organizational structure and determines the superior-subordinate relationship.

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Request Management

Leave Management

KaryaONE has leave management features that can help you to see a list of leave application filed by your employees. Through this list, you can approve or reject the leave application. You can also make and put the reason whether you approve or reject the leave application.

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Group Leave Application

Leave permission for a view number of employees can be done by one person. KaryaONE allows an employer to apply for leave permission for employees who have been grouped together.

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Permission Management

KaryaONE has leave/permission management feature to help you to see list of permission application submitted by your employees. With this list, you can give approval or reject the permission application along the reason.

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Group Permission Application

Permission for a view number of employees can be done by one person. KaryaONE allows an employer to apply for permission for employees who have been grouped together.

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Overtime Management

Attendance and absence data of each employee will be recorded and be managed. All of data can be imported automatically from fingerprint scanner machine to KaryaONE’s system.

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Group Overtime Application

Group overtime application accommodates employees who are not able to submit their overtime request.

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Work Day Replacement Management

KaryaOne has a feature allowing you to provide a replacement holiday to employees who work on holiday.

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Group Replacement Application

Group replacement application accommodates employees who are not able to submit their replacement request.

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Payroll, BPJS, PPh 21 & 1721

KaryaONE allows you to download reports that you can use for payroll. This report template can be uploaded to the Bank’s financial application.

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Bonus Management

Provide additional bonuses in the form of holiday allowances, commissions, other incentives to employees easily

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Claim Management

Employees can easily make claims for withdrawal of funds

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Grade, Compensation & Allowances

KaryaONE has feature where you can set grades and linking it with compensation and allowance that employee can get to motivate them and keeping them from resigning.

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Talent Management

Dashboard Talent Management

Talent Management Dashboard that allows you to get know an important summary that can be used as material analysis of employee’s performance.

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Employee Database Management

Talent Management information presentation feature and search feature that help user to look for employee’s information easier and faster.

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Performance Management

You can communicate and set employee goals, align these goals with the corporate goals, measure and track employee performance against their personalized goals.

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Career Path

KaryaONE allows you to determine the career path of your employees, identify the gap in terms of skills and/or experience the employees should gain, develop plans in pursuant of such career path.

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Talent & Succession Management

KaryaONE has feature where you can make an employee’s succession planning for increase experienced employee availability in your company.

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