Dashboard Talent Management

KaryaONE has a Talent Management Dashboard, a tools that help users monitor employees important summaries to analyze conditions quickly and accurately.

KaryaONE’s Talent Management Dashboard consists of the following information:

  • Number of employees who have more than one position (Concurrent)
  • Number of important employees (Key Position)
  • Vacant Position
  • List and number of employees entering the development program (Build)
  • List and number of positions to be filled (Buy)
  • Pie chart Human Asset Valuation
  • Salary range based on grade
  • Age demographics of employees

KaryaONE allows users to personalize and customize, display or hide dashboards, menu items and features.

The KaryaONE notification system will inform the user about changes that occurred, the work process that has passed the deadline, tasks or user goals and other important things.