Employee Database and Query

KaryaONE allows you to easily find qualified candidates, automatically screen and select the candidates based on important characteristics, including employee accomplishments, qualifications, pay levels, whether these candidates are considered as key players.

All of these are important to guiding compensation, internal staffing and promoting decisions. Sophisticated search engine allows you to conduct real-time searches to instantaneously find the candidates based on characteristics important to analysis and decision-making. Search results can be saved for comparison with other preferred candidates.

KaryaONE has complete and dynamic employee information feature. This feature helps you to look after employee information easily and quickly.

Employee information includes :

  • Employee bio-data (name, place and date of birth, family contact, etc)
  • Education background
  • Work experience
  • Current Job
  • Activity log
  • History
  • Timeline

In addition to the general information above, KaryaOne also allows employees to complete their own electronic documents such as: KTP, Family Card, NPWP, Bank Account, Healthcare and Manpower Social Security (BPJS Kesehatan dan Ketenagakerjaan). The document can be uploaded by the company admin or employee directly with the approval of the admin.