Employee Database Management

KaryaONE has Talent Management information, and a search feature that helps users find employee information easily and quickly. This feature can provide the following information:

  • Employee biodata such as name, place of birth, date of birth, family and so on
  • Employee attributes that regularly assessed
  • History of education
  • Work experience
  • Job title
  • Career path
  • Development Program
  • Who will be replaced by the employee
  • An employee’s successor

KaryaONE allows users to search for candidates that match the qualifications needed. Users can choose candidates based on certain characteristics including job performance, qualifications, wage levels and special considerations such as whether the candidate can be considered as a candidate

All of these are important aspects for training materials, internal placements and decisions regarding promotion. A sophisticated search engine allows users to search in real time to find candidates instantly based on important characteristics that have been set and will be used in the analysis process and decision making.

Search results can then be saved for comparison with other selected candidates.