Absence and Attendance Management

You can manage employee’s attendance easily. All of the data stored in the attendance machine can be sent automatically from the attendance machine. Leave or permission application can be processed easily through the dashboard. Also, you can get a summary of your employee attendance for a variety of needs, including payroll.

This implies that you no longer need to make use of attendance card and process them manually. Also, you no longer need to process data manually from the attendance machine in order to generate annual or monthly report as all of the data can be imported automatically.

There is also a notification as reminder for employees to clock in before working time.

Such feature will reduce the use of paper because both the company and its employees no longer need to make use of any paper forms for submitting their leave, permission and over time application. Employees can directly apply for leave, permission or overtime by filling out form provided in KaryaONE application.

Absence Attendance Management