Payroll, BPJS, PPh 21 & 1721

KaryaOne has various features that can speed up and ease tasks related to employee payroll processing. Some of the benefits provided are as follows :

  • Every employee can be given access to view and download their own salary slip on their respective accounts
  • Template for importing salary information is available and can be used as a reference in salary payments through several banking finance applications
  • BPJS calculations are available
  • Calculation of Income Tax PPh 21 for employee salaries is provided using the calculation method in accordance with applicable tax regulations
  • Templates for importing the result of Income Tax calculation into the PPh e-SPT 21 application is available
  • 1721 form is generated automatically according to employee work period and the form can be downloaded in Excel files per employee or more. E-SPT template for this reports is available.
  • Ease the administration of payroll deduction management. Finance can deduct employee salaries according to the list that has been made.