Permission Management

KaryaONE has permission management features that can help you manage permission requests submitted by your employees. Through the dashboard summarizing these requests, you can easily approve or reject the requests. You can also include reasons of why these requests are approved or rejected.

Any permission requests approved by a supervisor of an employee requesting permission are still required to be processed by HR department, which can approve or reject the request already approved by the supervisor.

In the event that both the supervisor and HR department do not approve the permission request, employees can turn such permission request into unpaid leave, provided the leave request is also approved. Employee’s annual leave will be deducted automatically by the system. Leave can be paid or unpaid, half day or full day.

This feature also enables supervisor to submitted permission request on behalf of other employee. This can accommodate employees who are unable to use KaryaONE application, or who are lacking in information technology skill or knowledge.