Fingerprint Attendance Machine

Monitoring employee attendance easier. You don’t need to bother choosing attendance machines for your employees. On this page, there are various fingerprint attendance machines that can be selected according to your business needs.

Fingerprint Scanner Magic MP-5900

Magic MP5900

Fingerprint Scanner Magic M-100

Innovation M100

Fingerprint Scanner UA 860

UA860 Fingerprint

Fingerprint Scanner Solution X100-C

Upgrade Your Manual Attendance

Collecting employee check-in and check-out hours seems like a simple process but many companies ignore it. By utilizing the sophistication of this fingerprint attendance machine, your business will be easier. The things that you will get are increase of employee discipline, saving time, reduced work stress and high control. Here are the advantages that support it.

Stand Alone

You can download attendance data and reports in various ways, namely via TCP / IP, USB and GPRS / Wifi. Without having to be connected to a computer.

Use Battery

You don't need to worry about a blackout, because this fingerprint machine uses batteries. Your employees can continue to do attendance even if the electricity in your building goes out.

Easy to Install

The installation process is so easy that you can do it yourself. But you can also ask us to install a fingerprint machine at your place.


Every purchase of a fingerprint attendance machine, you will get a 2 year product warranty. This product is good guarantee and can be used immediately.