Business Development

Job Description

  1. Providing insight into product development and competitive positioning
  2. Developing effective strategies to reduce business coats and increase company profit
  3. Conducting market research to identify new business opportunities
  4. Meeting with potential partners to present company offerings and negotiate business deals
  5. Prepare company presentations to suit with audience.
  6. Liase with other departments to implement company direction and strategy.



  1. Age 30 years
  2. Bachelor Degree in Business-related or Accounting degree
  3. At least 5 years of strong business or sales experience and experience in financial institution is preferred for this position.
  4. Excellent communicator, researcher, business planner and have strong market analysis
  5. Proficiency in English is a must
  6. Experience in dealing with a range of stakeholder
  7. Hunter type to get new customer and understand how to approach and deal
  8. Target oriented
  9. The ability to work in a fast paced environment