Sekarang Karyawan Anda Dapat Absen Melalui Smartphone. Akurat dan Aman


What you'll get from KaryaOne...

  • Fingerprint machine integration online attendance

  • Leave, permit and overtime paperless with online application

  • flexibility in employee database management

    and more ...

What do you need?

Online Attendance Apps

Otherwise using attendance machines as attendance facilities, employees can also do attendance via their own smartphones

Leave / Permit Paperless

Employees can apply for permit/ leave from smartphones without need to use paper anymore. This method is much more efficient because it is faster, data is stored on the system and more cheap

Employee Database Management

Companies can easily manage employee databases through a flexible system. Suitable for various company needs.

Simplify your HRIS Now!

  • Online Attendance
  • Online Permit Application
  • Online Leave Application
  • Online Overtime Application

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Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits can I get from KaryaOne ?

You will get many HR features that will assist you in carrying out HR tasks, including attendance management, leave, permission, reimbursement, contract management, etc.

Is it paid or free application ?

Paid application based on the number of users registered.  

Is there a free demo ?

Yes. To start trying the free demo, please register here.

Is there tutorial about how to use the application ?

We provide you with a variety of supports: product support, on site training, online support, tutorial video, content suppot.

Do I have to install the application on my computer ?

You don’t have to, because KaryaONE is a web-based application.  You can use any browsers available in your computer.

Free Demo at Your Company

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Comprehensive Human Resource Software

In managing human resources, companies typically face two challenges, namely administrative challenges and strategic challenges. Administrative challenges include employee attendance behavior, time of attendance, timeliness of work, duration of work time, administration of leave, permission, and payroll. Meanwhile, strategic challenges include recruitment, employee retention, performance appraisal, HR development, career path preparation, preparation of compensation and allowance levels and so on. To carry out activities related to administrative and strategic HR management needs, companies are expected to be able to do so not only neatly and accurately but also rapidly, effectively and efficiently. Ideally, this process is carried out using cloud-based HR management applications such as KaryaONne

KaryaOne is a human resources management software that helps you simplify the HR administration process so you can focus on running your business. KaryaOne HR provides a complete solution for managing HR administration, including attendance, leave, overtime, payroll, PPh 21 tax, BPJS, performance management, career paths, succession management, and HR development. KaryaONE is integrated with a variety of fingerprint attendance machines so you can easily monitor employee attendance.

KaryaOne does so by creating a system that is easy to use in accommodating a variety of users, from SMEs to Indonesian corporations. In addition, KaryaONE also provides applications that you can download on your mobile device. All information is presented through a dashboard that you can use to analyze HR performance. Not only that, you can access all the data in real-time through various devices, anytime, anywhere.