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What you'll get from KaryaOne...

  • Effectively managing employee attendance

  • Handle payroll management process easier

  • Monitoring employee performance periodicaly

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Why KaryaOne ?

KaryaOne Benefits

Data Integration

Payroll Department will save a lot of time because salary data is integrated with relevant employee data (example: attendance, leave, permit and overtime data)

Reduces Human Error

KaryaONE HR Software improves the accuracy of employee salary calculations and reduces human error due to manual calculations

Increase Productivity

Optimize Payroll Departement productivity to calculate the employee salary

Cost Saving

KaryaONE app usage will help companies to minimize the costs incurred each month.

KaryaOne is a cloud-based employee payroll application that is easy to use, accurate with high data security.

Managing payroll with a manual / excel system has many risks and challenges, including late transfers, wrong salary transfers in terms of both numbers and recipients, payroll departement must work overtime to calculate salaries, even worse until there are employees who do not receive salaries.

Salary is an important thing that greatly affects employee motivation. Therefore, companies must prioritize the use of a supportive payroll system.

Answering this problem we created KaryaOne, a web-based employee payroll application (online). There is no contract. The company does not need to install it on a computer and this application can be accessed from anywhere.

The main advantage of KaryaOne payroll software is payroll data integrated with attendance data such as leave, permit and overtime, so that the payroll process can be done in a shorter time and this will reduce human error. This payroll application can also help calculate Employee Taxes.

By using KaryaONE, the company can optimize HR management systems that are cost effective, safe, accurate and easy to use, which in turn will increase company productivity.

What do you need ?

Attendance Management

Solutions for employee attendance, shift management, permission, leave, field reporting and more.


Calculate employee salary, allowances, reimbursement and tax deduction. 
Create comprehensive reports.

Talent Management

Set KPI, measure employee performance,
make an employee’s succession planning, determine their career path.

Simplify your HRIS Now!

  • Attendance system on mobile phone and fingerprint machine
  • Mark attendance anywhere with geo tracking
  • Employee Self Service - Download payslip online
  • Setting Tax Deduction
  • Shift planner tools for employee scheduling


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Best HRIS Software in Asia

In managing human resources, companies usually face two challenges, namely administrative challenges and strategic challenges. Administrative challenges include employee attendance behavior, timeliness of attendance, punctuality of work, duration of work, administration of leave, permission, and payroll. Meanwhile, strategic challenges include recruitment, employee retention, performance appraisal, human resource development, preparation of career paths, preparation of compensation and benefits levels and so on. To carry out activities related to administrative and strategic HR management needs, the company is expected to be able to do it not only neatly and accurately but also quickly, effectively and efficiently. Ideally, such a process is carried out using cloud-based HRIS applications such as KaryaONE.

KaryaONE is an HR management software that helps you simplify the HR administration process so that you can focus on running your business. KaryaONE HR provides a complete solution to manage HRD administration such as attendance, leave, overtime, payroll and tax. KaryaONE is integrated with the fingerprint attendance machine so you can easily monitor employee discipline.

KaryaONE makes it happen by creating an easy-to-use system to serve a variety of users, from SMEs to corporations. In addition, KaryaONE also provides applications that you can download on your mobile device. All information is presented through a dashboard that you can use to analyze HR performance. Not only that, you can access all the data in real-time through a variety of devices, anytime, anywhere.