Performance Appraisal Application

Cloud Based Employee Evaluation & Productivity Analysis Software

Performance Appraisal Application

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performance management

Manage Employee Performance Easily

KaryaONE allows you to manage your employees’ performance. You can communicate and set employee goals, align these goals with the corporate goals, measure and track employee performance against their personalized goals.

These goals and the associated performance indicators can be developed using predefined goals and indicators drawn from the library.

career path

Career Path

KaryaONE allows you to determine the career path of your employees, identify the gap in terms of skills and/or experience the employees should gain, develop plans in pursuant of such career path, manage the skills and experience development activities accordingly, and consistently measure the associated skills and experience to ensure the development will be completed.

The career path assists you to project the possibilities of how candidates proceed with their career advancement. Which possibilities candidates would have depend on their skills, what they learn and experience and experience they gained.

career path
talent management

Talent & Succession Management

KaryaONE has a feature that help user develop employee succession planning to increase the availability of experienced employees and are able to perform the role when it’s available.

When there is a need to replaced an employee, the HR Dept. have to find a perfect candidate as a successor.  This features will help finding suitable candidates and make comparisons between these candidates. It also able to provide informations of employees who have the potential to manage certain candidates.

Why KaryaOne?

KaryaOne is a Human Resources Management Software as well as a web-based employee performance evaluation that helps you to manage various kinds of HR management processes, especially in terms of strategic (Talent Management).

We do this by providing convenience and flexibility in the performance appraisal process, ranging from setting assessment indicators until processing the results of the assessment for various purposes such as cadreation, succession and career paths as an effort to evolve human resources.


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Best Performance Appraisal Software

In managing human resources, companies typically face two challenges, namely administrative challenges and strategic challenges. Administrative challenges include employee attendance behavior, time of attendance, timeliness of work, duration of work time, administration of leave, permission, and payroll. Meanwhile, strategic challenges include recruitment, employee retention, performance appraisal, HR development, career path preparation, preparation of compensation and allowance levels and so on. To carry out activities related to administrative and strategic HR management needs, companies are expected to be able to do so not only neatly and accurately but also rapidly, effectively and efficiently. Ideally, this process is carried out using cloud-based HR management applications such as KaryaONne

KaryaOne is a human resources management software that helps you simplify the HR administration process so you can focus on running your business. KaryaOne HR provides a complete solution for managing HR administration, including attendance, leave, overtime, payroll, PPh 21 tax, BPJS, performance management, career paths, succession management, and HR development. KaryaONE is integrated with a variety of fingerprint attendance machines so you can easily monitor employee attendance.

KaryaOne does so by creating a system that is easy to use in accommodating a variety of users, from SMEs to Indonesian corporations. In addition, KaryaONE also provides applications that you can download on your mobile device. All information is presented through a dashboard that you can use to analyze HR performance. Not only that, you can access all the data in real-time through various devices, anytime, anywhere.