Terms and Conditions

By using www.karyaone.co.id application, you agree to follow the terms, conditions and privacy policies as follows:

Rule of law

  1. You agree to comply with the terms, conditions and privacy policy of karyaone.co.id
  2. karyaone.co.id reserves the right to change the terms, conditions and privacy policy at any time without prior notice.


We impose taxes on any payments you made based on the tax regulation of Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).


  1. karyaone.co.id is a brand managed by PT. Progrestek Abdibhakti Lokakarya, a limited liability company that operates under the provisions of the Republic of Indonesia.
  2. Regulation enforced by the Republic of Indonesia supersedes the terms, conditions and privacy policies of karyaone.co.id
  3. You must agree that any issues that arise regarding the site and products of karyaone.co.id will be handled in the Jakarta District Court.


All designs made by www.karyaone.co.id are copyright of www.karyaone.co.id and are protected by the Intellectual Property law. In this case, please contact us through copyrights@karyaone.co.id.


  1. Progrestek Abdibhakti Workshop is the owner of the www.karyaone.co.id logo. Without our written permission, you are not allowed to use, duplicate or change our trademarks and logos.
  2. Trademarks and logos that appear on the website www.karyaone.co.id are trademarks and/or logos that are legalized in writing between PT. Progrestek Abdibhakti Workshop and related parties.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

  1. We are not responsible if your data is lost due to your negligence in managing data or in maintaining the confidentiality of your accounts and the associated password.
  2. You can contact us through the “Help Desk” option in KaryaONE application if there are any errors on the website or application. We will respond to your email or request within a maximum of 2 x 24 hours working days.
  3. In the event that we will conduct server maintenance or www.karyaone.co.id application maintenance, we will give notice to you no later than 7 (seven) days prior to the maintenance.
  4. karyaone.co.id is not responsible for any losses caused by Force Majeure such as weather, natural disasters or conditions beyond the control of www.karyaone.co.id, and/or any losses due to human errors for any reason.
  5. karyaone.co.id is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and on any national holidays, and on events when natural disasters occur, and/or other situations beyond the control of www.karyaone.co.id.
  6. karyaone.co.id provides training materials on how to use the application in the form of video available in the application.
  7. If training is needed, www.karyaone.co.id provides training for 3 (three) consecutive days with certain fees, including transportation costs. If the training is conducted outside Jakarta, there are additional accommodation costs incurred.
  8. Our application uses SSL security and data encryption features so that your data is secure in our application.
  9. The down time of the application depends on the Service Level Agreement of data center where this application is hosted.

Site Usage

  1. You are not permitted to use, change, and download any material from the www.karyaone.co.id site without written permission from PT. Progrestek Abdibhakti Workshop.
  2. You must provide a valid email address and other information needed www.karyaone.co.id to complete your registration.
  3. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of information related to your account and are fully responsible for all activities that occur with your account.
  4. You are obliged to notify www.karyaone.co.id if you feel your account is misused. We will block your account until further notice.
  5. If you forget your account password, you can reset the password. We will send a link via email that you used for registration to reset the password.
  6. We are not responsible if there is a loss due to your negligence.
  7. You agree to release www.karyaone.co.id, PT. Progrestek Abdibhakti Workshops, directors and employees of any demands and related costs that arise due to violations you have committed on the site and when you use karyaone.co.id application.

Other Site Links

www.karyaone.co.id website may relate to any third party sites, which www.karyaone.co.id has no control over the link. The existence of www.karyaone.co.id sitelink on any site cannot be interpreted as www.karyaone.co.id agreeing or being responsible for the site content that is linked to www.karyaone.co.id website.

Limited Warranty

  1. All payments are final and irrevocable
  2. We will immediately revise the system if our system is found to be not functioning properly. You can contact us through the “Help Desk” option in the KaryaONE application if there is any error on the website or application. We will respond to your email or request within a maximum of 2 x 24 hours working days.
  3. The language provided for the website is English and Indonesian
  4. The language provided for the application is English
  5. We will add features to our application based on your request as long as the request is in compliance with the government labor and tax regulations. Additional implementation is carried out systematically and periodically following the application development plan.
  6. New features will be included in the application every 3 (three) months
  7. We will accommodate any feedback and ideas concerning the application features that you desire and we will attempt to develop the features as long as the addition of such features is in compliance with the government labor and tax regulations. Implementation of additional features is carried out systematically and periodically following the application development plan.
  8. We will continue to add new features regularly.

Use of Attendance Devices

  1. KaryaONE provides assistance with the installation of attendance devices being sold by vendors that are in partnership with KaryaONE.
  2. Installation of attendance devices will be charged with certain amount of fee.
  3. Installing a Fingerprint Scanner connected to the client’s computer with a configuration will be charged.
  4. There will be charges of certain amount of fee for connecting attendance devices to computers owned by the clients.
  5. Attendance device settings will be charged.
  6. If the installation is carried out outside Jakarta, there will be additional transportation and accommodation costs incurred.
  7. If the installation is carried out within Jakarta, additional transportation fees will be charged.
  8. Any guarantee pertaining the attendance devices will be solely provided by the relevant vendor who provides the attendance devices.

Payment Methods and Fees

You will be charged based on the following conditions:

  1. All prices are in Indonesian Rupiah.
  2. Payment shall be made by adding certain amount to your balance through your billing account.
  3. The application will issue monthly invoices containing the amount that will be deducted from your account based on the number of employees registered to the application.
  4. Notifications regarding invoices will be delivered to you through the email you used for registration on 20th of every month and payment associated with the invoice must be made accordingly no later than 28th of the same month.
  5. Payment methods available in www.karyaone.co.id system include bank transfers, visa / master credit, and debit visa.
  6. Bank transfer payments shall be made to our account with the following information:

BCA 419-302-9950

  1. Progrestek Abdibhakti Workshop

BCA Sunter Lake Branch

  1. You need to confirm any payment you made if the payment is done using bank transfer.
  2. We will not add any amount to your balance before we confirm your TOP UP transaction in the system (for TOP UP via transfer)
  3. TOP UP transactions cannot be canceled if you have made a payment
  4. Any amount in your balance cannot be refunded
  5. In the event that your balance amount is insufficient for paying any invoice due, your account will be deactivated.
  6. If you have not made any payments 90 days after your account has been deactivated, then KaryaONE will delete your account and any data pertaining to your account.



  1. Training is subject to a fee of Rp 1,000,000 per day
  2. If training is conducted outside Jakarta, there are additional accommodation and transportation costs incurred.
  3. If the training is conducted outside Jakarta, then there is additional transportation costs incurred.
  4. Users will be provided with free video training modules that are available in the application